Aussies Tipped to Spend $4 Billion on Easter Amid Cost-of-Living Crisis

As the Easter bunny prepares to hop into town, Australians are gearing up for a celebration filled with chocolate eggs, feasts, and quality time with loved ones.

Despite facing a cost-of-living crisis, nearly two in three Aussies are planning to embrace the spirit of the season, with expectations to collectively splash out more than $4 billion, according to comparison website Finder.

The average Australian is set to spend $1,185 on a range of Easter-related expenses including chocolate treats, delectable food, dining out, and even travel adventures.

It seems that the desire to revel in the holiday festivities outweighs the economic strains felt by many households.

Aussies are expected to shell out $4Billion on Easter festivities. Credit: supplied.
Aussies are expected to shell out $4Billion on Easter festivities. Credit: supplied.

Surprisingly, a significant portion of Australians – one in six – are opting to take advantage of the long weekend by embarking on travel escapades, with an average expenditure of $660 on flights and accommodation.

This figure marks a 40% increase compared to last year, indicating a growing appetite for holiday getaways.

Meanwhile, a quarter of Australians are preparing to welcome guests into their homes, splurging on lavish feasts and elaborate decorations, amounting to a staggering $616 million in total expenditure.

However, for those preferring to let others take the culinary reins, dining out remains a popular choice, with nearly one in three Australians planning to spend an average of $126 per person – reflecting a modest 5% increase from previous years.

Unsurprisingly, Easter wouldn’t be complete without indulging in chocolate delights, and more than half of Australians are eager to satisfy their sweet tooth, collectively spending a whopping $644 million on Easter chocolates alone.

Additionally, 12% of Aussies are willing to shell out $110 for Easter-themed clothing, including novelty pyjamas, to add an extra layer of festivity to their celebrations.

Angus Kidman, a renowned money expert at Finder, acknowledges the economic pressures faced by consumers during these uncertain times.

“Easter is exacerbating cost-of-living pressures, prompting some to rethink how they mark the occasion,” Kidman said. He advises consumers to plan ahead, compare prices, and avoid impulse purchases to make the most of their budgets.

Moreover, Kidman suggests exploring cost-saving measures such as sharing accommodation costs with friends or family when travelling to help mitigate expenses. With many households bracing for private health insurance hikes and potential tax bills on the horizon, being mindful of expenditure is paramount.

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