Human Rights Activists Climb Parliament House in Canberra to Protest Gaza War and Atrocities

Human rights activists climbed onto the roof of Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday in a powerful protest against the Gaza war and other atrocities.

Police were called after masked protesters scaled the federal parliament building around 10am in a bold act of solidarity with Palestinian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Their chants reflected their resolve: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and “Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.” They also displayed large banners emblazoned with similar bold messages, including “no peace on stolen land.”

Coinciding with the 4th of July, they aimed to highlight Australia’s role in supporting global conflicts, particularly through its alliance with the United States.

“Many of the war crimes committed and enabled by Australia have been carried out as an underling of US imperialism,” a statement read. “The most pressing of which is US and Australian support for the genocidal state of Israel.”


Police were called to Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday morning after masked protesters climbed the federal building to protest Israel’s war in Gaza and other human righta atrocities. Presented by journalist Mibengè Nsenduluka. For more, visit BACKCOVERNEWS.COM #protest #israel #palestine #gaza #fromtheriverstothesea #warzone #canberra #parliamenthousecanberra #freepalestine #palestine🇵🇸 #gazaunderattack #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #mibengensenduluka #thebackcover #backcovernews

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"Anti-genocide" protesters on the roof of Federal Parlaiment in Canberra on July 4. Credit: supplied.
“Anti-genocide” protesters on the roof of Federal Parlaiment in Canberra on July 4. Credit: supplied.

The activists pointed to Australia’s involvement in supporting Israel’s military actions, which have resulted in significant loss of life and displacement among Palestinians.

“The Australian government is selling arms and parts for the weapons systems being used by the Israeli regime to commit war crimes and genocide,” the statement continued.

“Murdering and maiming tens of thousands of Palestinians and displacing 1.7 million people. Destroying entire cities, towns, ecologies and homes, bombing refugee camps, killing aid workers, and supporting the murderous Israeli state in its 76-year-long colonisation and occupation of Palestine.”

The protest also drew attention to the recent release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who had faced 175 years of imprisonment for exposing US war crimes.

“Australia endorsed this persecution for years,” the statement added. “This week, Julian Assange landed in Canberra a free man. Yet, none of us are free until we are all free.”

Standing on the roof of one of Australia’s most significant institutions, the activists emphasised their message that Australia continues to commit and enable war crimes as a subordinate of powerful allies.

They condemned the destruction caused by Israeli actions, including the bombing of refugee camps and the killing of aid workers.

Mibenge Nsenduluka

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