Millions of Gen Z Aussies Under Financial Strain Amid Cost-of-living Crisis

Financial stress is a pressing concern for nearly 12 million Australians, according to a recent survey conducted by the comparison website

The study underscores the profound impact of money pressures on individuals’ overall well-being and quality of life, with younger demographics particularly affected.

The survey revealed alarming statistics, with a staggering 59% of Australians reporting experiencing financial stress, indicating a significant portion of the population struggling to make ends meet.

This widespread economic strain highlights the urgent need for effective interventions to address financial hardships faced by Australians nationwide.

Almost 12 million Australians are experiencing economic stress and 2 in 3 in gen Z are enjoying life less than they were a year ago due to money pressures. Credit: supplied.
Almost 12 million Australians are experiencing economic stress and 2 in 3 in gen Z are enjoying life less than they were a year ago due to money pressures. Credit: supplied.

Notably, the burden of financial stress disproportionately affects women, with 69% acknowledging feelings of financial pressure compared to 49% of men.

This gender disparity underscores the additional challenges faced by women in navigating economic difficulties and underscores the importance of gender-sensitive approaches to financial support.

Younger generations are especially vulnerable to money worries, with a striking 77% of Gen Z individuals burdened by financial concerns, followed closely by 67% of Gen Y respondents.

This generational trend underscores the critical need for targeted interventions and support mechanisms to address the unique financial challenges faced by younger Australians.

Rebecca Pike, a money expert at Finder, highlighted the profound impact of financial strain on mental health and overall well-being.

Pike emphasised that households across the country are grappling with the repercussions of economic difficulties and urged individuals facing financial challenges to explore strategies to enhance their financial fitness and alleviate money pressures.

More than half of Australians surveyed (53%) reported a decline in their overall enjoyment of life compared to the previous year due to financial pressures.

Women, in particular, expressed greater dissatisfaction, with 59% indicating a decline in enjoyment due to financial constraints, compared to 48% of men.

The survey also highlighted Gen Z as the demographic experiencing the greatest decline in life satisfaction, with 66% attributing their decreased enjoyment of life to financial pressures.

In response to these findings, Pike encouraged individuals to participate in Finder’s Financial Fitness Challenge, an initiative designed to help individuals identify opportunities for saving and expense reduction.

She likened the challenge to “circuit training for your wallet,” emphasis

ing the potential benefits of gaining a comprehensive understanding of one’s financial situation.

As financial stress continues to impact millions of Australians, initiatives like the Financial Fitness Challenge serve as valuable resources in empowering individuals to regain control of their finances and improve their overall well-being.

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