Former YouTube star Jamie Perkins Accuses Ex-wife Nikki Thot of Cheating in Bombshell Video

Former YouTube stars Jamie Perkins and Nikki Thot split in 2019 after six years of marriage. Credit: Instagram

Former Australian YouTube star Jamie Perkins has accused his ex-wife Nikki Thot of cheating on him during their six-year marriage in a bombshell video.

The interracial couple, who rose to social media fame in 2013 when their wedding video went viral, announced their shock split in 2019 and at the time, Perkins, 40, was rumoured to have had an affair.

But in a shock twist, he now claims it was the model who actually cheated on him.

Former YouTube stars Jamie Perkins and Nikki Thot split in 2019 after six years of marriage. Credit: Instagram
Former YouTube stars Jamie Perkins and Nikki Thot split in 2019 after six years of marriage. Credit: Instagram

The single dad, who boasts 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, resurfaced on the video sharing platform on Tuesday after a five-month hiatus and looked downcast as he recalled ending his marriage to the Sudanese beauty.

“The reason Nikki and I broke up was I discovered she had been unfaithful,” he said in a YouTube clip titled Why I Left Nikki.

“She’d been going behind my back with her ex-boyfriend and I’d been warned about him being an issue before I started dating Nikki again. The first year of our marriage I discovered she had been secretly keeping in contact with him.”

Perkins said while they were able to move on from the affair initially, the trust was broken and ultimately, he decided to leave.

“Our marriage had been struggling for a long time, for about three years. I tried to do everything I could,” he said.

The exes share two daughters Ava and Zoe and are co-parenting after finalising their divorce in March.

Perkins also leaked disturbing texts and footage of a domestic dispute in which he could be seen clashing with Thot in front of his mother and children.

He also accused her of gaslighting, coercive control and violence during their marriage however sources close to Thot rubbished his claims. has contacted Thot for comment.

Thot, 33, responded to Perkins’ claims in a lengthy Instagram post, telling fans she will address the allegations in due course.

“It is extremely disappointing that my ex husband would publish private footage and conversations to try and slander my character,” she wrote.

An original influencer, Perkins was once known for his jet-setting lifestyle and glamorous social media pages but his life has drastically changed post-divorce.

After spending $160,000 on court fees in recent years, the former social media star is now swimming in debt which led him to become an Uber driver.

“I’m in a lot of debt now, I’m in more debt than I have money or assets to cover…I’m not doing great anymore,” he said.

“I’ve tried to keep up appearances over the years because I’m a lifestyle creator so there’s the pressure of kind of look like you’re doing alright – at least for Instagram. On Instagram I try to make everything look polished because that’s kind of what people want to see.”

He now works up to 12 hour days so he can support his children.

“I live very far from the city so there isn’t a lot of creative opportunity down here for someone with my skillset,” he explained.

“The reality is this is how I’m trying to pay my rent.”

Thot is yet to publicly respond to Perkins’ cheating claims.

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